Frame glasses or contact lenses? The answers are all hidden in these four facts. Unfortunately, few people know about them

Whether it is frame glasses or contact lenses, comfort is the most important. Wearing frame glasses for a long time will cause weight bearing on the bridge of the nose, and the lenses and frames are light choices;

And contact lenses wear too long may produce dry eyes and other symptoms, so no matter what kind of glasses you wear, you should pay attention to the rest of the glasses.

1、 Frame glasses are healthier and safer than contact lenses

Contact lenses are indispensable when they touch your hands. Once the hand cleaning is neglected, the contact lens will be polluted and the surface of the contact lens will become uneven.

Wearing contaminated contact lenses will not only cause damage to the eyes, but also cause inflammation, which may become irreversible.

And there are many health risks in contact lenses: there are a lot of news that many irregular manufacturers make contact lenses of fake or shoddy materials, especially the so-called "beautiful pupil" has hidden dangers in terms of dyeing and health, and the damage to the eyes is unimaginable.

And because contact lenses are directly attached to the eyeball, many people don't want to take them off after wearing them. In the long run, the cornea will wear.

Therefore, to buy contact lenses, try to go to a regular glasses shop or online shopping mall, and purchase a good contact lens brand is guaranteed.

At this point, there is no such worry for frame glasses.

2、 Contact lenses have a wider field of vision than frame glasses

Due to the limitation of the frame itself and the influence of the prism effect of the peripheral part, the field of vision seen by the wearer is relatively narrow.

Contact lenses are not limited in this respect. They are closely attached to the surface of the eyeball and can always follow the eyeball, so wearing contact lenses can maintain the same open vision as normal people.

3、 Contact lenses are more beautiful than frame glasses

Contact lenses are now a must for beauty lovers. The most important factor is that there won't be a big black frame covering half of their face. Especially for some girls, they can make their eyes look bigger and more beautiful with the help of beautiful pupils of various colors.

Compared with the regular or square or round frame glasses, the beautiful space that contact lenses can play is far beyond everyone's imagination, and wearing contact lenses can also wear beautiful sunglasses, so most shortsighted friends choose contact lenses.

4、 Contact lenses have a better visual experience than frame glasses

Frame glasses can produce refraction aberrations and skew aberrations, so they can distort the image seen by the eyes, while contact lenses will not have such shortcomings.

This is because the contact lenses fit on the corneal surface, the spherical color difference and dispersion of the lenses are very slight, and the parallax is always consistent with the geometric center of the lens, so the imaging is very realistic.